Finding the right camera operator


These are key questions to ask when looking for a camera operator.


  • Do they suit your production? Look at their work to see if they have shot similar videos to what you are looking to achieve with your project. 


  • Do they have their own equipment? This is not always a deciding factor as the filmmaking industry often requires equipment to be hired in. However, hiring someone with the core equipment (camera, lenses, tripod, microphones, lights) can reduce your production costs significantly. (And they will know their own kit extremely well!)


  • Can they edit? If a camera operator has an understanding of the editing process then they know what will work in the edit when they are filming.


  • Are they a good listener? If you are briefing a camera operator then you want to know that they have acknowledged the direction you are giving them so they return with the content that you have asked for.


  • Are they a good communicator? Communication is key to ensuring that you're getting the right content. Furthermore you want your camera operator to interact well with you and your end client.


  • Have you spoken to them? If you're unable to meet before working with a camera operator then organise a phone call with them, the phone call may help answer some of the questions listed above.